Using the iPad POS to Survive Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week takes place all over the United States and was designed to allow customers to enjoy high-end cuisine which is normally not offered in their localities. Special menus are designed and promotional deals offered to allow everyone to gain a maximum benefit from this opportunity. Restaurants experience an exponential increase in daily customers and it also gives them a chance to revamp their three-course menu and introduce innovative and exotic dishes. The sales volume also increases during the week and new customers often turn into regular ones.

 There are 381 restaurants in NYC and 130 in San Francisco that take part in the activity and serve dozens of hungry patrons every day. Even though the prospect of serving a full house is very exciting, restaurants participating in this week for the first time should be well prepared to handle the rush. An efficient and reliable Point of Sales system is required for a restaurant to avoid any blunders or major logistic errors. They will be prepared to reap huge potential benefits and gain maximum remunerations from this activity.

Listed below are six suggestions and tools that will help any restaurant survive and also flourish during this special week.

Build a Customized Menu

During the restaurant week each establishment fixes the menu in advance. The iPad POS helps set up the system efficiently using modifiers and combinations. The process is not complex at all and a consistency is maintained across the entire menu. A single channel solution allows you to craft a selective menu and by syncing all the ordering devices, update it accordingly. This is much better than the traditional register ordering system as the prices for all dishes have already been fed into the system.

Use the Kitchen Display System

With the flow of customers there is little time to spare between orders. A fast-paced restaurant kitchen requires a Kitchen Display System which allows the customers to order form beautiful and clean menus and easily select the items they want. The chefs and sous chefs no longer have to decipher each ticket separately and expedite each order by knowing how many quantities are required.

Automate Inventory Management

Managing the items in stock is an important aspect of restaurant operation especially when dozens of customers are coming and going every day. The manager should know how many ingredients are required per day and also find new ways to reduce waste. This helps increase profits by reducing the amount of food that is thrown away at the end of each week.

Take the Ordering System Mobile

Customers should be allowed to skip long ordering queues with the help of a mobile ordering system. This speeds up the process and takes the load of servers. There is also less room for error and a higher number of sales can be achieved per day. The customers can see their order status on the mobile and also use it to play games, fill surveys if the system is attached to their table.

Plan Out Seating and Table Layout

It is important that you serve the maximum number of customers during restaurant week which is why the seating time and waiting time should not be very long. The table layout can be recreated digitally on the restaurant POS and makes it easier for the staff to accommodate larger groups.

Save Data on Customers

To maximize returns from the week and keep new customers coming back it is important to save critical data on all guests such as their order preferences. This allows you to build loyalty programs and gift cards and influences them to visit again.